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Winter OQ Hits The Streets

"Malcolm McDowell Unchained" portrait by Graham Dunn

“Malcolm McDowell Unchained” portrait by Graham Dunn

Look for the new issue of Ojai Quarterly – Ojai’s only locally owned and operated magazines. With a stunning photo of Malcolm McDowell on the cover (shot by the equally talented Graham Dunn) it won’t be hard to spot.

Among the many offerings of Ojai excellence are …

• Mark Lewis’ epic account of the Ranch House’s new management touches on many currents of Ojai conversation these days. Some of the questions you can expect to be answered are “Who are all these new people and what are they up to?”

• Chuck Graham brings back vivid proof that the fabled Lost Herd of the Sespe bighorn sheep have not gone extinct, as was feared for many years. Instead, they appear to be thriving.

• Richard Camp’s account of the diamond warriors who laced up their cleats year after year, no longer chasing dreams of big league glory, but instead the satisfactions of camaraderie, competition and the chance to act as young as they feel. It is beautifully illustrated by Logan Hall.

• Tree Bernstein and Anca Colbert, writing about books and art, respectively, bring Ojai’s arts and literary scene into focus with their usual brilliance.

• And much, much more.

The downloadable version is now online at ojaiquarterly.com.