Changing Faces of Ojai

Photo by Dewey Nicks/Conde Nast Traveler

Photo by Dewey Nicks/Conde Nast Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler featured a lyrical, upbeat and yet slightly disturbing story on Ojai in its latest issue. Wonderfully written by Hugh Garvey, the article talks about Ojai’s latest wave of solace-seeking hipsters.

While very glowing in tone, the article does chronicle the rather rapid (by Ojai standards) change to the next generation of people to discover Ojai. Any glance down Ojai Avenue confirms this – with the new galleries, shops and pop-up events that are defining our culture for the newcomers.

Money quote: “It’s as if northern and southern California called a truce, started a new republic, and named it Ojai.”


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