Film Festival Returns!

John Perry talks with director Harris Goldberg, along with actors Mary Steenburgen and Matthew Perry at the screening of “Numb.”
Jamie Fleming, Ojai Film Festival Executive Director

Jamie Fleming, Ojai Film Festival Executive Director




By Demitri Corbin

Nov. 6, 2013

It’s the Monday after the clocks have turned back to standard time and I’m waiting for Ojai Film Festival artistic director Jamie Fleming in front of Java Joe’s I spot him walking briskly towards me. I join his gait and like two doctors on “ER,”  we make our way to the coffee counter.  We are served our coffees stat and take a seat out front.  I start the interview:

DC:  So, is everything ready.

JM: (chuckles) Well, yes, we’ve been preparing for a year now.  It’s the last-minute details we’re dealing with now, you know, getting everything locked in, accommodations, making adjustments for our celebrities, film makers, that sort of thing.

DC:  What are the highlights of the festival?

JM:  The Ojai Valley Green Coalition is presenting documentary “Harmony”on Saturday—

DC:  Yes, I’ll be interviewing Anca Colbert about that.

JM:  Then I’ll let her speak for that one.   On Saturday at 3 p.m. the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy will present “Pod Yatra: A Green Odyssey,” from female filmmaker Wendy Lee, who survived a 450-mile trek through Himalayan Holy Land.  On Sunday, Patagonia presents the Dan Malloy film, “Slow is Fast” that will be very popular with bike riders.  On Friday night at the Playhouse our Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Shirley Knight will be on hand for the screening of “Redwood Highway,” presented by Ojai Film Society.

DC:  Yes, it’s the same time as the screening of Will Prosser’s documentary on the Ojai Mardi Gras at the Art Center .

The phone rings and Jamie excuses himself as he takes it.

JM:  I’m sorry, where were we…oh, yes, there’s USC rivalry film that will be very popular.

We continue going through the list of 51 films, discussion panels, industry workshops – something relatively new with the festival – and after hour festivities.  We are discussing “Fill the Void,” presented by Laemmle on Saturday night presentation at the Ojai Playhouse when Jamie’s phone begins making ER noises and we wrap things up.

DC:  Thanks, Jamie.

JM:  Thank you, Demitri, I’ll see you at the festival.

The 14th Annual Ojai Film Festival begins Thursday, Nov. 7 with the free screening of “Wings of Life”at 7pm in the Libbey Bowl.  For a complete schedule of films,  visit ojaifilmfestival.com.  For daily coverage of the OFF,  as well as Ojai’s weekly cultural events, come right here to theojai.net.

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