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It is with great sadness that we report the passing of an Ojai Tennis Tournament legend, Mike Taggart. Mike passed away recently back at his summer home on Higgins Lake in Michigan. While an accomplished player and lover of the game, Mike won’t be remembered for any of his exploits on the court on championship Sunday at The Ojai. Instead, he will go down as one of Ojai’s all-time greats in his commitment and generosity to the 125-year-old event that began in 1896. Mike single-handedly saved The Ojai Men’s and Women’s Open divisions back in 2003 when he began donating the entire $30,000 prize money, and has continued to do so each year.

There is going to be a memorial in Ojai celebrating his life on Court #1 at Libbey Park at 5:00 PM on Sunday, September 8. A reception will follow the service. Mike was one of the great storytellers, and we hope that many of you will share a favorite story about him. We hope to see you at this special event on September 8 to honor Mike and all he has done for the Ojai Tournament and community.