Summer OQ Hits The Stands

The OQ's Summer Issue

The OQ’s Summer Issue

The newest issue of Ojai’s local publication, Ojai Quarterly, will be available in limited release today. Look for it downtown through the Arcade and other high-traffic locations.

The cover features an important cultural milestone, the English language release of the beloved classic, “The Little Prince.” Ojai artist Alex Juhasz designed the puppet for the title character, and was involved as a lead artist in the $82 million production, which features an extended stop-motion animation under the supervision of his mentor and fellow Ojai resident, Jamie Caliri. The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival last week, and will go into wide release in November. The film will feature an A-list cast of voices, including Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard and James Franco. The story, by Jesse Phelps, focuses on Juhasz’s many other artistic endeavors, such as the creation of “The Babadook” monster for the Australian horror movie of the same name, considered by many, Stephen King among them, to be the scariest film in recent years.

Perhaps the biggest story of the issue, however, is the announcement by renowned hotelier and conservationist Eric Goode, proposing a major development for downtown Ojai on the site of the Ojai Unified School District headquarters. Mark Lewis reported this story, which includes an exclusive interview with Goode and his partner in the enterprise, Jonas Svensson.

The magazine also features the usual collection of work from Ojai’s unusually talented writers and photographers.

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