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Photo by Nathalie Raijmakers Photography


ATTASALINA  — Making Sound & Images

Attasalina  is the quintessential Ojai artist.  Through music and photography she has been a great influence on the art scene in Ojai.

After a 2-year hiatus she is now preparing to return to performing. We sat down Sunday morning and had a conversation over coffee in a very novel way these days – we talked on the telephone!

We recorded the interview for the second in a series I call Ojai Underground. If the link doesn’t open, cut and paste into your browser window.

You can find out more about Attasalina’s upcoming events at attasalina.com.  And check out these links….


Desert Stars Festival 2014

Album Cover Art by Attasalina Dews

Album Cover Art by Attasalina Dews