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General Regulations

Conditions for Entry and Play

Boys CIF and All Juniors: Each player is permitted to play in one (1) event only. Further, a player entered in a Boys’ CIF or junior event may not enter a Men’s or Women’s Open event.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry at any time.

Players are requested to check in at the designated site of their first match 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Scheduling, both time and site, is done by the Tournament Committee and is subject to change.

Official times and sites are posted on this website as well as the large draw board at Libbey Park. Times will be available on the draws on this web site over the weekend preceding the tournament. Information obtained by telephone is not considered official. The website is the most accurate information regarding draws and schedules.

If the weather is inclement, players should check with the tournament staff at Libbey Park (junior events) or at other major sites where play is scheduled (collegiate and open events). Conditions and formats during inclement weather may vary between sites and events. In case of inclement weather, alternative formats may be used only when directed by the court official at that site or for that event.

Private facilities may charge fees for practice court time, when available.

Coaching is not permitted except in Collegiate events, in Boys CIF events, and between the second and third sets of the other junior events.

All high school and college coaches must register prior to the start of the tournament for all-access wrist bands.

All matches, including finals, are two out of three sets, except where otherwise specified. All events will use regular scoring. The 12-point tie break will be played in any set reaching six games all.

USTA rules will be followed. Final determination of all rules and conditions will be made by the Referee of that event.

The official ball of the tournament is Wilson. Some events use more frequent ball changes than others.

Contestants are asked to wear appropriate tennis attire or team uniforms (college and CIF entrants only). Shoes that mark the courts are prohibited. Players, coaches, and spectators are reminded that we are guests at the participating facilities and may be denied access to that facility if not in compliance with their dress code or exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior.

CIF finals and the PAC-12 Men’s and Women’s Team Championships will be played on Saturday at Libbey Park. All other finals will be played at Libbey Park on Sunday.

All players must have a current USTA membership with the exception of those playing in the Boys CIF or Collegiate events.

No players passes will be issued. All players, Boys CIF coaches, and collegiate coaches with proper ID, whose names appear on the roster, will be admitted to all tournament sites. One assistant college coach may be registered by written request on the entry form. Coaches wrist bands will be available to all CIF and registered collegiate coaches.

Coaches’ spouses, parents of players and friends will be required to purchase spectator tickets to gain entrance to Libbey Park, the Ojai Valley Athletic Club, and the Ojai Valley Inn. Tickets are not required at other sites. 

Once draws are made and posted, no money will be refunded.

Ojai Behavior Expectations

We would like to ask all of the: players, coaches and spectators to be aware of the ITA and USTA rules and procedure during match play.  These rules would include the bench players who are spectators and fall under the same rule.  Bench players, team personnel and spectators supporting your player or school that commit a flagrant unsportsmanlike act are subject to ejection from the facility by the referee.  We do encourage positive cheering directed at your team or player when appropriate during the match.  We have high expectations for appropriate behavior at “The Ojai” and support the traditions of fair play and sportsmanship at all times.

 We are excited to host and support the ongoing traditions of the upcoming Ojai Tennis Tournament and look forward to your return to this wonderful tennis venue.  With gratitude, from your hosts the Ojai Valley Tennis Club and tournament committees.