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All members of the media are welcome and encouraged to cover The Ojai Tennis Tournament and must have a signed letter of assignment from an editor to apply. Staff personnel from print media, radio and television who are interested in covering the tournament must apply for a credential by emailing Steve Pratt of BZA PR by filling out the contact box below.

Individual writers, photographers, and videographers, unless on assignment to The Ojai from general distribution media (television, radio or print media) will be required to purchase a tournament pass for admission to the venues.

Photographer and videographers must work from the public viewing areas of the venues, and position themselves so as not to interfere with spectators’ viewing of the competition.  Any photographer or videographer unreasonably obstructing the spectators’ view will be requested to move.

Except for The Ojai’s official photographer, no reporters, photographers or videographers are permitted on the courts at any time without prior consent of The Ojai and the head referee.

Photographs and interviews of players must be conducted at a location in the venues which will not disturb players or spectators.

No photography, videography or interviews with PAC 12 players may be conducted without the express prior consent of the PAC 12 Conference representative and the individual’s coach.

Violations of these rules will result in revocation of credentials or passes.

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