Court Locations

The Ojai is played on over 100 courts at nearly 20 locations throughout western Ventura County.  We are extremely grateful to the owners of the many private and public facilities that are made available for our competitors.  Please remember to thank those who are providing this service.  The tournament would not exist without their generous cooperation.

Libbey Park in the center of Ojai is where our tournament headquarters is located during the four days of competition, but please look at the draws to determine where the match you are interested is being played. You can click on the court code for the match in question to go to a map of the location.

Court Location Map

Below is a list of all the sites where matches will be played.  After you have found the Court Code from the draws, click on the appropriate Court Code below to bring up a map to that venue.

The Ojai Court Sites

Court Code Court Name or Location
100 1000 Foothill Road, Ojai
120 12055 Sulphur Mountain Road, Ojai
505 505 Foothill Road, Ojai
883   10833 Oak Knoll Road, Ojai
  BHS  Buena High School, 5670 Telegraph Rd, Ventura
LP  Libbey Park, Downtown Ojai
LPS Libbey Park South, Downtown Ojai

Nordhoff High School, 1401 Maricopa Highway, Ojai

OAC Ojai Valley Athletic Club, 409 S. Fox Street, Ojai
OSU Ojai Valley School Upper Campus, 10820 Reeves Road, Ojai 
OVI  Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, 905 Country Club Road, Ojai
OXN Oxnard High School, 3400 W Gonzales Rd, Oxnard
 PRC Pierpont Racquet Club, 500 San Jon Road, Ventura
RM Rio Mesa High School, 545 Central Avenue, Oxnard
T  The Thacher School, 5025 Thacher Road, Ojai 
V Villanova Preparatory School, 12096 N. Ventura Avenue, Ojai
VC  Ventura College, 4667 Telegraph Road, Ventura
 WTA  Weil Tennis Academy, 428 Bryant Circle, Ojai