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2021 Ojai Tennis Tournament

April 21-25, 2021

We are excited to announce our 2021 dates.
Please check back to this site with more information on the 2021 Ojai Tennis Tournament.

The Recent News

Get Your Cool Ojai Tennis COVID-19 Masks Now

Get Your Cool Ojai Tennis COVID-19 Masks Now

The Ojai Tennis Tournament can't wait till April, 2021, to see all of our players, coaches, fans and friends. The organizers at the Ojai Valley Tennis Club are hoping everyone is staying safe at this time. To purchase a comfy face covering, please email marketing...

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The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

Check out this great read by longtime Ojai resident and former WTA and USC No. 1 Stacy Margolin Potter on winning the Pac-10 singles title back in 1979. It appears in the month's Ojai Monthly Magazine. The Ojai is turning 125 years old this week and we will miss...

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‘The Ojai’ really fired us up to play tennis and to be good enough to play there someday. …… The whole scene there was so magical for us. And when we started playing there as each year passed we had more and more local fans coming out to watch us and root for us. We were so proud to win titles there and still have great memories of ‘The Ojai.’

Bob Bryan